Saturday, February 6, 2010


This is my post about you to encourage you to start a blog please and thank you.
- Trapsteezy

Friday, July 10, 2009

what I do in a typical day. There are 2 social work shifts and always two social workers on duty. One is from 9am until 6 at night. This one is the easiest because the kids are at school from 7- 4, but they go to school at the home so... you have to supervise lunch and be available if there are any problems. Also if you work this shift you have to take any sick kids to the hospital. Recently there have been a lot of kids sick so we have spent the last three days at the hospital all day. In the compound the kids will not stop talking but once we get in front of people at the hospital it seems they forget how to talk. This was frustrating at first because they speak the language and we do not and we had no idea what we were doing. Our first trip to the hospital was quite hilarious. I thought about how when I go to the doctor that I like to let my mom be the one who does the talking too... and we are technically the "parents" for these kids... so now i kind of like to be able to take them to the hospital. It also gives you a chance to spend time with a small group instead of all 160. The night shift is from 6pm til 9am. This one is fun because you get to spend more time with the kids. They eat dinner at 6:30 ( if anyone has seen the movie hook.... Elaine and i often compare our meal times here to a scene in hook) then after dinner they go to class until 9 and then bed. class 7 and 8 usually have teachers come at night to class but we work with the younger ones and help with homework and studying. Then we get to wake up at 5.. and wake up all the kids get them ready, have them clean the dorms and compound, and eat breakfast then to school at 7. so that is what Elaine and I do everyday. We have really come to love these kids... and it feels like home here. It really will be hard to leave. The kids share everything with us... cups, spoons, jackets, music, food... I have told Elaine sometimes I feel like I am becoming one of them eating my ugali with my hands as i stare at some strange tv show.. waiting for someone to finish with their spoon so i can use it ... I feel like these are my friends and brothers more than Social Worker and Client. The weekends usually consist of dance parties, soccer volleyball and basketball tournaments. Elaine and I have beat the highshool boys in basketball a few times and earned some respect. They think that girls cannot be good in any sports. Sundays are maybe my favorite day. We have our own church service put on by the kids. It starts with presentations where people can sing songs ( we have several gospel/rap groups) or read verses. I absolutely love it. These goes on for about 45 mins and then there is a message. God is doing some amazing things in these kids. I love them with all of my heart and i hope you all with keep them in your prayers. They have come so far but... the journey is not over. Hope everyone is doing well! see you all soon!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Dear Friends and Family,

I am having a wonderful year at the University of Georgia, with a major in Social Work and a minor in Religion. I am also on Leadership at the Wesley Foundation, where I work with kids from two of the housing projects around the University. While talking with Drew when he was in Africa, he told me that Karai Children’s Home in Kenya needs volunteers, which would be an amazing opportunity to put all I have learned while at school into practice.

I have been in contact with Brigit, a German woman who works at the home. Most often the Social Workers there only take a two-week course before they begin work. She said I could teach the staff some better ways to handle the kids, provide projects and leisure activities, and counseling. Most likely I would live and work at the home. The Lord calls us to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the world. Serving others is a wonderful way to share the good news by being an example of Christ’s sacrifice, humility, love, compassion, and blessing. We can model Christ by opening our hearts and meeting others’ needs. I have always felt called to work with children, and this will be an amazing opportunity to fulfill that.

I will be in Kenya from May 17 until August 7. The cost of the trip will be $4,000, which will cover the plane ticket, transportation while I am there, and board and room at Karai Children’s Home for two months. I cannot do this alone. I am asking you to please pray for me. Pray for the preparations being made here and in Kenya, and for safety, good health, and that God’s will be done while I am there. I also need assistance financially. If you feel led to make a donation for my trip, please send it to:

Carol Hinson, Treasurer
First Presbyterian Church
225 East Jackson Street
Thomasville, Georgia 31792

Whether you feel led to contribute financially, through prayer, or through both, all of your support is appreciated. I look forward to doing God’s work in Africa!

Grace, mercy, and peace,

Jennie Stockstill

Monday, February 16, 2009

Kenya Step One

Plans for Kenya are beginning sooo we need your PRAYERS! I told the missions committee at my church about my plans and they would like to get Executive Committee approval (which meets next week) as a first step and if they approve they will then inform and hopefully get final ok from the Session at their next meeting(February 18). SOO... please pray that if Kenya is where Elaine and I should be this summer that everything passes. It would be wonderful to be sent out by my Church so this is important. 

The place we would be working at is called Karai.. my brother wrote about it on his blog so.. if you want to know more read this..

We plan to stay from may-july working at the children's home doing whatever they need. I love all you guys so thanks so muchh!!!! 

my baby.. she is an orphan living in Kibera one of the largest slums in the world
Catherine at the old peoples home

Friday, February 6, 2009

Jesse Harris and Joshua Radin

yep... that's right.

A night of good music, intense eye contact, cold walks, lost things... and NEW FIRENDS :)

check it:
                 He's a grammy winner.