Monday, February 16, 2009

Kenya Step One

Plans for Kenya are beginning sooo we need your PRAYERS! I told the missions committee at my church about my plans and they would like to get Executive Committee approval (which meets next week) as a first step and if they approve they will then inform and hopefully get final ok from the Session at their next meeting(February 18). SOO... please pray that if Kenya is where Elaine and I should be this summer that everything passes. It would be wonderful to be sent out by my Church so this is important. 

The place we would be working at is called Karai.. my brother wrote about it on his blog so.. if you want to know more read this..

We plan to stay from may-july working at the children's home doing whatever they need. I love all you guys so thanks so muchh!!!! 

my baby.. she is an orphan living in Kibera one of the largest slums in the world
Catherine at the old peoples home

Friday, February 6, 2009

Jesse Harris and Joshua Radin

yep... that's right.

A night of good music, intense eye contact, cold walks, lost things... and NEW FIRENDS :)

check it:
                 He's a grammy winner.